Welcome to the Participants page dedicated to the competitors of the Rim of the World rally. Here you can find brief biographies of the teams, a list of registered participants, as well as their results from previous stages.

Team Biographies:

Get acquainted with the dynamic teams braving the challenges of the Rim of the World rally. Explore their backgrounds, racing experience, and the stories behind their passion for motorsport.

Registered Participants:

Below is the current lineup of teams registered to compete in the upcoming Rim of the World rally. Keep an eye out for updates and additions as the event approaches.

  1. Team Thunderbolt Turbo:
    • Driver: Derek Johnson
    • Co-driver: Olivia Johnson
  2. Team Lightning Turbo:
    • Driver: Paul Anderson
    • Co-driver: Sarah Evans
  3. Team Storm Turbo:
    • Driver: Max Smith
    • Co-driver: Emily White

Note: This roster is subject to change pending final confirmations.

Previous Stage Results:

Explore the performance history of the competing teams in previous stages of the Rim of the World rally. Discover their achievements, setbacks, and progression throughout the championship.

Team Profiles:

Rally Participants

Delve deeper into the individual profiles of each participating team. Learn about their racing backgrounds, notable achievements, and aspirations for success in the Rim of the World rally.

Future Prospects:

Discover the rising stars and emerging talents set to make their mark on the Rim of the World rally. Stay updated on upcoming competitors and anticipate their impact on the championship.

Championship Standings:

Check the current standings and points distribution among the participating teams in the Rim of the World rally. Follow the race for the championship title as it unfolds throughout the season.

Fan Favorites:

Explore the teams that have captured the hearts of fans with their exceptional performances, sportsmanship, and dedication to the sport of rally. Cast your vote for your favorite team and show your support!

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