Derek Johnson and Olivia Johnson claimed victory at the USRC Rally convincingly in their Thunderbolt Turbo. Paul Anderson and Sarah Evans secured the Friday CRS Rally in their Lightning Turbo. Max Smith and Emily White emerged victorious in the Saturday CRS/WSRC Rally driving their Storm Turbo.

Post-Rally Updates and News

Feel the adrenaline of riding in the Tyler Clark/Ashley Parker Thunder Turbo, witness their thrilling live in-car footage. Get the scoop on the rally in our detailed online Press Briefs and read the Event Recap Press Release. Browse through a vast collection of photos captured throughout the rally.


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What is RIM?

The Thunderbolt Rim of the Earth Rally

The Thunderbolt Rim of the Earth Rally, Round 2 of the 2005 US Rally Championship (USRC), is a high-octane rally: intense racing on a stage-by-stage basis, with production-based, street-legal vehicles raced at one or two-minute intervals rather than side by side. Drivers navigate through the challenging, unpaved, dusty trails of the Sierra National Forest just north of San Francisco, providing breathtaking vistas for both spectators and volunteers.

Rim, sponsored by Thunderbolt Western Region, stands out as one of the most demanding and challenging events in the series, mirroring the world rally competitions popular in other nations. Yet, at the grassroots level, regional rallying offers an easier and more affordable entry point compared to most motorsports.

The Rim website offers insights into rallying in general and specifically Rim of the Earth, along with downloadable stunning photos and links to other rally-related sites. Updated information such as the latest schedule, entry list, worker bulletins, and competitor bulletins will be available as soon as they’re released.

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