Rim at a Glance

The Events:
The Subaru Rim of the World Rally is Round 2 of the US Rally Championship (USRC). Rim also runs as one coefficient 2 (Friday) event and one coefficient 3 (Saturday) event that both count toward the California Rally Series Rally Championship. The Saturday CRS event is also a points event for the Western States Rally Championship (WSRC). RIM is sanctioned by the United States Auto Club (USAC) and National Auto Sport Association (NASA).

The Course:
Rim 2005 will consist of ten stages in the Angeles National Forest that are from five to eleven miles in length and four spectator stages. Competitors will run four stages on Friday night and ten stages on Saturday. Roads are used by permit from the Forest Supervisor. Stages add up to a total length of 95 miles; 333 total miles with transits. Rim's roads are notorious for their tight, twisty, undulating character and the fact that they run along cliffy ridgetop roads. "Waterbars" - dips and rises built into the roads to divert water across into culverts, test a car's suspension severely and demand a precise line ... but then, so do the "exposures" (cliffs)!

Rim was first organized in 1976 and '77 by Ray Hocker. It returned in 1984, organized by Mike and Paula Gibeault, first as a divisional, then combined national and divisional event. This is year Rim will once again be organized by Ray and Donna Hocker. It has grown from a 17-car rally in 1984 to one attracting 80 cars!

Media Coverage:
As a US Rally Championship event, Rim enjoys coverage in national automotive publications and on national television networks such as Speed Channel. In the Antelope Valley and surrounding communities, Adelphia's Channel 3 provides news coverage of the event each year.


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