Revised April 15, 2005 (revisions shown in red)
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Exceptions to the NASA Rally Sport Rules:

1.6.16 Official bulletins will not comply with the specified requirements, rather will follow previous Rims' format and procedures.

2.3.1 Rim’s Supplemental Regulations will not include
• Entry fees and closing dates
• Route and speed schedule or route maps
• Seeding order

2.4.1 The entry form will not be available at www.nasarallysport.com.

2.13 Rim will use speed rankings (the larger of the RA or CRS speed ranking) and vehicle class within a given speed ranking for determining the starting order. For Rim “Red Flag” will be “Red Cross”.

2.16.8 For Rim “Halted” could mean stopped because of a blockage in the road.

2.22 Penalties
• Speeding penalties will be as follows:

MPH over Speed Limit
Penalty (min)
6 to 10
11 to 15
16 to 20
20 to 25
Over 25

• The penalty for jumping the start will be .04 min per second.
• The penalty for no warning triangle will be .50 min for first offense, then 1.00 for second offense and 2.00 for the third offense.

2.27.2 The Event Steward (as the head of the protest committee) will write the responses to protests.

Appendix A:
• For Rim a black OK will be used
• The odo check will not be part of the route book.
• Transits will not be numbered.
• Instructions less than .12 miles apart will sometimes be separated into separate instructions.
• Rim’s arrows and hazard markers will not conform to the specifications listed.
• Stages will not be done in a different color.
• There will be as many as 7 instructions per page.

Special Alert -- Engine Coolant Requirements Still in Place
The U.S. Forest Service requires “the use of ethylene glycol free (Raptor safe) anti-freeze in all water-cooled motorized vehicles participating in USFS permitted motorized events on the four National Forests at issue.” This means that all competitors must sign a warrant that they are not using an ethylene glycol antifreeze in their competitive vehicle. One alternative option is Sierra brand antifreeze-coolant, a propylene glycol antifreeze with characteristics similar to standard antifreeze. It is phosphate free and Water Wetter can be added to it. Another option is distilled water and Water Wetter (made by RedLine Oil). Water Wetter has rust and corrosion preventive additives. It is currently used very successfully by many rallyists and we have been told it actually cools better than antifreeze and water. You can also add (propylene glycol) antifreeze, 10-15%, to this mixture if you are concerned about freezing.

The rally will again be headquartered at the Antelope Valley Fairgrounds. The Fairgrounds will be the base for almost all event activities. The event will again include the “Rally Expo” with a vendor fair and displays inside the two large exhibit halls adjacent to the service area. Other activities include an import auto show, an autocross, vintage race car display, RC cars and a service crew tire changing competition. The highlight of the event will be the side-by-side Super Special Stage, which will be run four times during the weekend in front of a 7,500 seat stadium grandstand. The final stage of the rally will be a reverse order running on the Super Special followed by the “Subaru Champagne Victory Ceremony" in the Winners Circle in front of the grandstands.

The Fairgrounds will be the single service area location for the event offering 24-hour security and a well lighted black top service area. Teams will have a chance to show off their entire service team and the public will have an excellent chance to see and learn about our sport up-close!

Admission tickets or event credentials will be required for entrance to the Fairground following registration. Each entry to the rally includes access credentials for driver, co-driver, and four service/team members. Additional crew members, family and friends will need to purchase admission tickets for both Friday evening and Saturday ($5 for each day), for everyone over the age of 5 years. The Antelope Valley Fairgrounds charges a $3 per car parking fee for the public parking area. Vehicle passes for access to the Service Area will be issued to the competing vehicle and qualified service vehicles, including ATV's or motorcycles parked in the team's service area.

General Information

Rim of the World will be Round #2 of the United States Rally Championship (USRC) as well as double and triple points CRS Rallys. The Saturday Rally will also count for Western States Rally Championship points.

Testing in the Angeles National Forest:
This year RIM will not offer testing sessions, but will offer recce (see below). No testing or practicing will be allowed anywhere in the Angeles National Forest during the four weeks prior to RIM. There will be a $500 fine for unauthorized practicing in the Angeles National Forest.

Stage Notes:
Stage Notes from P-Sport will be available for $160 per set. These can be Ordered Online or from Donna Hocker, (760) 375-3289, payment must be received no later than May 1, otherwise we will not print your notes. Notes can be picked up at the start of Recce or during the registration process.

This year we will be offering a single pass, caravan style recce in street vehicles for all teams. Recce will be done on Thursday (May 5), starting at 8 AM from the A.V. Fairgrounds parking lot . The recce will be controlled with a lead car and sweep car. Recce outside of this group will not be allowed. Contact Paula Gibeault, (760) 375-8704 by May 1 if you want to participate.

Insurance Limits Verification:
Insurance limits need to be verified for both the rally and all service vehicles at registration. The minimum insurance requirements if written using "Split Limits" are $100k for Bodily Injury Liability (each person), $200k for Bodily Injury Liability (each accident), $50k Property Damage (each accident); OR (as may be shown on some policies) "Combined Single Limit" of $200k. These limits apply to BOTH your rally and service vehicles. Bring paperwork that shows this to registration.

Entry Fee Refunds:
If you have entered early and withdraw from the event prior to April 30 you will receive a complete refund less a $30 processing fee. Those who withdraw between April 30 and the close of registration will receive a refund less a $60 processing fee. There will be no refunds after the close of registration.

CRS Membership:
CRS membership is not required, however you must be a CRS member prior to the event to receive CRS championship points. You can join CRS online at http://www.californiarallyseries.com

Car Numbers:
You will be allowed to run the car number that you already have on the car. If you do not have a car number we recommend that you contact Al Kintigh, to get a Rally America car number assigned (this way you can use one car number for both NASA and Rally America events).

Tech Inspection:
This year tech inspection will be in Lilac Pavilion. Log books are required, however we will accept log books from other sanctioning bodies. If you do not have a log book you can get one at the event by prior arrangement. Contact Ray Hocker, (760) 375-33289 prior to April 14.

Sanction Body Decals:
Decals from other sanctioning bodies will be allowed on “CRS / WSRC Only” vehicles, but they must be smaller than 50 square inches each. Decals from other sanctioning bodies will not be allowed on vehicles running the USRC event.

Starting Order:
In general the starting order will be based on speed ranking and then by class (within the same speed ranking). To reduce the advantage of being first car on the road on Friday night we will be taking two steps. First we will be running a two (2) minute spacing between all cars on Friday. Second, we will be rotating the first car among those drivers with speed rankings of .95 or higher. At the start of Messenger Flats West and Magic Mtn. West, the first car to finish the previous stage will be moved to the back of the group and the second car to finish the previous stage will become the new first car on the road. The moving of the first car will be handled between the ATC and the Start. The standard ATC procedures will be unaffected by this process. As is normal, if the running order should happen to change within the group (for whatever reason) the new order will remain. The table below illustrates how the rotation would take place if there were 5 drivers with a speed ranking of .95 or higher. For these drivers there will be a draw for “choice of start order” at the Subaru Media Stage on Friday morning. In the example below, the first driver drawn will get to pick position A, B, C, D or E. Each subsequent driver that is drawn will then pick from the remaining positions.

Start Position
Del Sur South
Del Sur North
Car A
Car B
Car B
Car C
Car C
Car D
Car D
Car E
Car E
Car A

Super Stage Lane Choice:
Choice of lanes on the Super Stage will be by means of a coin flip. The winning driver gets to pick his or her lane.

NEW FOR THIS YEAR - Service Crew Challenge:
Service crews will be given the opportunity to compete in a tire changing competition in front of the grandstands on Saturday at the fairgrounds. The competition will consist of two 2-person teams competing against each other in an elimination format (winner moves on to the next round). Sixteen teams will compete in eight heats immediately after Super Special II. The remaining eight teams will compete in four heats immediately after the completion of Super Special III. The final four teams will compete in three heats just before the beginning of the final Super Special. All competing teams will receive two pairs of Mechanix Wear gloves (a $50 value).

The Rules: Teams will be two people. Teams will only be allowed to use the contest supplied tools. A jack will be positioned under the car by the contest staff prior to the start of each heat.. Each team will begin at the starting line with their spare tire. At the starting signal the team will take the tire to their car, jack up the car, change the tire, tighten the lug nuts to the minimum required torque, put the car back on the ground and take the tire that was on the car back to the starting line. The first team to get both people and the tire back to their starting line will win the heat and move on to the next level. If the team should fail to meet the our minimum torque requirement of 45 ft-lbs (factory spec is 85-100), they will be disqualified and the win will go to the other team. If neither team meets the torque requirement, the first team to finish will be declared the winner of the heat. The decisions of the officials will be final.

Signing Up: There will be a $20 entry fee, which will be used to form a prize fund for the top two teams (100% payback). Service Crew Teams wishing to participate in the competition should contact Kengo Takahashi. Entries will be accepted on a first come first served basis. Please include the names of the two team members and the rally team you are servicing for.

Additional Penalties, Timing and Notice Board

Transit Penalties:
Lateness at Arrival Time, Main Time, Regrouping Time, Parc Expose, and Parc Ferme controls will be penalized at 20 hundredths per minute.

Penalty for Blocking an ATC:
The roads at RIM can be narrow, which can create problems clocking into an ATC. Any competitor who passes another competitor on a transit and then blocks the entrance to the ATC will be subject to a 1.00 minute penalty.

Servicing after the Super Stage:
All Super Stages (except the last one) will be followed by a forest stage. After competitors finish the Super Stage they will not be allowed to return to the service area. The penalty for re-entering the service area after a Super Stage will be 10.00 minutes per occurrence.

Penalties related to the service area:
See the Service Area section below for penalties relating to improper service area parking, improper handling of service area spills and having fuel containers in the service area.

MTC Clarification for FIA competitors:
Rim does not require you to clock in on your minute at MTC controls (either MTC IN or MTC OUT). We will not be using the “yellow clock face” for these controls. Basic guideline is: if you see a yellow clock face (at ATCs), check in on your minute. If there is no yellow clock face (MTC IN and MTC OUT) you can go ahead and pull right up to the red clock face and declare the time that you want.

NCR Time Cards:
This year we will again be using NCR time cards (either 2 or 3 pages per set, one set per stage) for most controls. When leaving an MTC out you will get a 2 page set. The first (yellow) page will be kept by the ATC crew, and the competitor will be returned the second (hard) page for their records. At each ATC, you will also get a new 3 page set for the coming stage (make sure your car number is written on it). At the end of the stage the finish control will take the top page (white), the next ATC or MTC will take the second page (yellow), and the competitor will be returned the third (hard) page for their records. The only cards that will not be NCR will the Super Stage clock in card (which will only have the ATC clock in time). Competitors may wish to bring an envelope to hold their copies. Time cards will be 8.5” x 5.5” in size.

Competitor Relations Officers:
This year we will have Pete Soper, Rick Hintz and Jim Gill acting as Competitor Relations Officers. They will tend to be at ATCs and at the fairgrounds.

Official Notice Board:
The Official Notice Board will be located in the Poppy Pavilion at the Antelope Valley Fairgrounds.

Servicing, Fueling and DNFs

Servicing will only be allowed in the service area at the Antelope Valley Fairgrounds. Service locations will be assigned by the organizers about 10 days before the event, with an attempt to place crews near to each other as requested on the entry form. The service area will open for parking of service vehicles at 8:00 AM. on Friday Morning.

Service Vehicle Identification:
All motorized vehicles (including quads and motorcycles) in the service area will be required to display the car number(s) of the vehicles that they service for.

Service Area trailer parking:
To reduce service area overcrowding and maintain a professional appearance, competitors are asked to park their trailers in the designated trailer parking area along the fence on the southeast portion of the Fairgrounds parking lot. Trailers up to 25 ft long can be accommodated in this area. Longer trailers will need to be parked elsewhere. A map will be provided in the Service Crew packet.

Service Area Speeds:
Because the service area is open to the public, a strict 15 MPH speed limit will be enforced for BOTH rally cars and service related vehicles. If a person riding or driving a vehicle (including motorcycles and quads) associated with a service crew is speeding, all teams serviced by that person will receive the penalty. The Service Area will include all of the area between the Fairground’s arrival MTC and the ATC for the Super Special Stage. See the penalties for speeding above.

Service Area parking penalties:
All competitors and their crews are asked to be considerate of others and park only in their team’s assigned service area. Penalties for violations are as follows: 50 hundredths of a minute for the first infraction, 1.00 minute for the second, 2.00 minutes for the third.

Service Area Spills:
This year’s service area is entirely on black top. Service crews will be required to place a tarp under their rally car anytime it is located in the service area. Service crews will be responsible for cleaning up any spills in their area. Penalty for not using a tarp under the rally car will be a warning for the first infraction, $50 for the second and $100 for the third. Penalty for draining fluids onto the ground or asphalt: 50 hundredths of a minute for the first infraction, 1.00 minute for the second. Violation will be based on the judgment of a rally official.

Fueling at the Fairgrounds:
Since we will have the public in the service area we will not be allowing fuel containers or fueling in the service area. All fueling and storage of fuel containers will be in the fueling area adjacent to the start of the super stage. We will have someone to “check in” your fuel containers on Friday when you arrive. We will mark and arrange the fuel containers so that it will be easy for you to get your containers when you need them. Think of it as “the fuel container library.” The area is fenced and will be locked when not in use. The fuel area will be open from Noon to 9 PM on Friday and from 7 AM to 9 PM on Saturday. Penalties for having fuel containers in the service area after 5 PM on Friday are: warning for the first infraction, .50 minute for the second, 1.00 minutes for the third. In addition C.L. Bryant will have VP fuel available for sale in the same area (see services below).

Refueling procedures required by the U.S. Forest Service:
Locations where refueling in the forest is allowed will be noted in the route book. The Fueling Stewards will transport fuel cans to these areas and be on hand during refueling. In all cases the following procedures must be followed: a tarp will be provided to place under the filler as well as an absorbent “Pig Mat” to catch any spills. A special hazmat cleanup kit will be on site and must be used if any fuel is spilled. Per Forest Service requirements containers must be no more than 90% full for vapor expansion. Forest Service personnel are likely to be present to make sure we follow procedures; please ask the Fueling Service Steward (on site) if you have any questions about what is required.

DNF Information:
At the fairgrounds ham radio operators will track DNFs and have that information available. They will post DNF information (cause of DNF, maps, schedules etc) at Rally Information (where registration was located) in Poppy Pavilion. Service crews are encouraged to take advantage of this service if their team DNF’s. Contact Rally Information to find out the best way to reach your team, then let the radio workers know when you arrive at the stage what your plans will be for extricating your car. In most cases the Sweep Vehicles will tow DNF's to designated drop-off points that are easily reached with a trailer.

Trophies and Awards

For classes where trophies will be awarded, the top 40% of the teams will receive trophies down to a maximum of five places. For the USRC event all USRC classes will be awarded trophies. For the CRS events all CRS classes will be awarded trophies (both Friday and Saturday not combined results). For the WSRC event (Saturday only) all WSRC classes will be awarded trophies. Teams that qualify for a trophy will receive a single plaque for the weekend (driver and co-driver) with an action photo of their car taken during the event. Separate engraved plates will be placed on these plaques indicating finishing positions.

Contingency Awards

C.L. Bryant Racing Fuel: Will award one case of Havoline Racing Revolution Synthetic Oil and a 5 gallon can of fuel to the top qualifying finisher in each of the seven USRC classes and each of the four CRS classes (two days combined scores). In order to qualify vehicles must display two decals either on the front fenders or the rear quarter panel. Decals will be included in your registration packet.

Services for Competitors

Racing Fuel:
C.L. Bryant will be selling VP Racing Fuels at the Antelope Valley Fairgrounds from 1 to 6 PM on Friday and from 7 AM to 6 PM on Saturday. VP Offers a wide range of racing fuels. Octane ratings available for unleaded fuels are 87, 100 and 103 while leaded fuel will be available at 110 octane. To insure that your requirements for fuel and any other products are met, pre-ordering is strongly recommended. Call Erica, (800) 399-4176. Deadline for pre-ordering is April 29.

Lodging and Car Rental:
Lodging and car rental information is available at: http://www.rimoftheworldrally.com/lodging.htm

Fire Extinguishers:
John Fletcher of Fletcher's Fire Protection in Lancaster will be available (by appointment only) at the A.V. Fairgrounds on Friday afternoon. He can recharge your dry chemical extinguisher ($15 for any size dry chemical), or sell you a new one (dry chemical). In addition, he can recertify your extinguishers (dry chemical or Halon 1211). You may call him at (661) 274-7607 before the event or Friday morning.

Pre-Event Activities

Early and Express Registration:
Early Registration will available on Thursday from 7 to 9 PM in Poppy Pavilion at the Antelope Valley Fairgrounds for teams participating in the Subaru Media Stage Friday morning. In addition, at the same time, Express Registration will be offered for those teams that have provided copies of their membership cards, licenses, vehicle registration, insurance info, and Service Crew Registration form.

Registration will take place in Poppy Pavilion at the Antelope Valley Fairgrounds on Friday afternoon (Noon to 4 PM), based on seed (see schedule below). An Express Registration line will be open for teams meeting the requirements (see paragraph above). Tech Inspection will be in Lilac Pavilion at the Fairgrounds.

Waiting List Registration:
Competitors who are on one of the waiting lists should register and tech with their normal seed group. At 4:15 PM on Friday in the Registration area at the Fairgrounds, any no-shows will be filled from the appropriate waiting list. Teams on the waiting list must have a representative present at that time and location to be added to the start list. A similar process will be followed at 1:15 AM on Saturday morning at the Rally Information area for those on the Saturday Only Waiting List.

Seed 8 and Beginners' Licensing Seminar:
The Beginners' Licensing Seminar will be at 1:00 P.M. Friday afternoon, at the Fairgrounds (check the notice board at registration for details). All previously unlicensed competitors who have not completed a recognized Performance Rally School will be required to attend.

Stock Class Tech:
There will be a mandatory inspection for all CRS Performance Stock and CRS GT cars at 4:00 P.M. in the southwest corner of the parking lot at the Fairgrounds (adjacent to the trailer parking area). Look for Michael Taylor.

Drivers’ Meeting and Group Photo:
Time cards will be handed out at 6:00 P.M. in front of the grandstands at the A.V Fairgrounds, followed by a group photo of all drivers and co-drivers (please wear your driving suits).


This year has seen a much higher than average amount of rain to date and most of the roads have sustained substantial damage. As such we have had to alter the route to use those roads that can be repaired prior to the rally. This will result in some roads being used twice, which will probably lead to degraded road condition on the second pass.

For those competitors that have not run RIM before, there are lots of waterbars to test your car's suspension and your driving skills. Waterbars are dips purposely placed across the road so that drainage can be controlled. As such waterbars tend to be deeper on the cliff side of the road than on the bank side.

Friday Night Mid-Rally Chili Party
The first car will finish the Friday night section around 10:30 PM at the A.V. Fairgrounds. The Habitat for Humanity Team will prepare the Mid-Rally Party for all to enjoy, providing drinks, snacks, and a delicious pot of chili to go along with the bench racing!

A re-seed (dropping the worst stage) for all competitors will be done based on the Friday night stages prior to the re-start on Saturday as well as during the first Saturday service at the Fairgrounds based on all the stages completed to that point. A complete re-seeding (no stages dropped) will be done during the second Saturday service break at the Fairgrounds.

Friday CRS Rally Results:
The Friday CRS Rally Results will not become provisional until the Saturday CRS/WSRC Rally Results become provisional (probably around 11:30 PM Saturday night).

Lazarus Clause:
Any teams that DNF’d on Friday night and want to run Saturday’s CRS/WSRC Rally must so state to the Chief of Scoring (Mike Gibeault) at the Scoring office located in the foyer of Poppy Pavilion at the Fairgrounds by 1:00 AM Saturday morning.

Turnaround Stage Procedure:
At the finish time control the cars will be directed to the turn around area, please stay in order. Scores will be available in the turnaround area. Once all of the cars have arrived, the cars will pull up to the start in the same order that they finished and start times will be assigned.

Saturday Fairgrounds Service:
There will be three service stops at the Fairgrounds on Saturday each starting respectively at approximately 11:30 AM, 3:00 PM and 6:20 PM (Note that the Saturday stage schedule may vary due to road availability). Each service stop will be followed by a running of the Super Special Stage.

Winner’s Circle Ceremonies:
The top three overall finishers are to proceed to the Winner’s Circle in front of the grandstand with their vehicles immediately following the final Super Special Stage. All competitors and their service teams are invited to gather around the Winner’s Circle in front of the grandstands for the Champagne Victory Ceremony presented by Subaru.

Post-Rally Party and BBQ:
Subaru is hosting a tri-tip BBQ for all competitors, registered service crew members, and volunteers to enjoy as you congratulate (or commiserate) and watch rally videos at the Post Rally Party. This event is open to everyone. Guests are welcome to enjoy the tri-tip BBQ for a $10 donation to Habitat for Humanity. Provisional and final scores will be posted at the Antelope Valley Fairgrounds. Scores from all events should be provisional by 11:30 PM.

Awards Breakfast:
The Awards Breakfast for both the USRC Rally and the CRS/WSRC Rallies will take place on Sunday morning at the Park Plaza Hotel (Doors open at 7:30 AM, Awards 8:30 – 9:30 AM). Two tickets to the breakfast will be included in each team's packet. Additional tickets will be available at the door for $15 (includes tax and gratuity).

Rim 2005 Schedule of Events
Subject to Change - Updated 4/28/05

THURSDAY, May 5, 2005
8:00 AM - 8:00 PM Caravan style Recce for those teams that choose to participate.
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM Registration for Subaru Media Stage Participants and Express Registration in Poppy Pavilion at the A.V. Fairgrounds (at assigned times).

FRIDAY, May 6, 2005
Noon - 1:00 PM Registration for Seeds 0 - 3 in Poppy Pavilion at the A.V. Fairgrounds.
Noon - 5:00 PM TECH INSPECTION in Lilac Pavilion at the A.V. Fairgrounds.
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM Registration for Seeds 0 - 6 in Poppy Pavilion at the A.V. Fairgrounds.
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM MANDATORY Beginners' Seminar for first timers in Lilac Pavilion at the A.V. Fairgrounds.
2:00 PM - 4:00 PM Registration for all Seeds in Poppy Pavilion at the A.V. Fairgrounds.
4:00 PM CRS Performance Stock and CRS GT Class Inspection, southwest corner of the fairgrounds parking lot.
4:15 PM No-show positions filled from the waiting listin the Registration Office at the fairgrounds.
6:00 PM Driver's Meeting. Time cards handed out and Group photo of all competitors in the grandstands at the fairgrounds.
6:30 PM Opening Ceremonies and side-by-side Super Special Stage I at the A.V. Fairgrounds.
10:30 PM First car finishes Leg I at the A.V. Fairgrounds, Mid-Rally Chili Party begins, informational scores posted, Re-seeding.
1:00 AM Any teams that DNFed on Friday night and want to run Saturday must so state to the Chief of Scoring (Mike Gibeault) by 1:00 AM (in the scoring office), A.V. Fairgrounds.
1:15 AM Openings created by Friday DNF's will be filled from the CRS/WSRC Only Waiting List (announced at the Rally Information table), A.V. Fairgrounds.

SATURDAY, May 7, 2005
7:30 AM First car leaves the A.V. Fairgrounds to start Leg II.
10:00 AM - Midnight A.V. Fairgrounds open to the public. Visit the Rally Expo vendor displays, walk through the pits, meet the rally teams, check out the Auto Show and the VARA vintage race cars on display, purchase food and rally merchandise, watch the Autocross and radio controlled cars and enjoy special events including the new service crew competition.
11:20 AM First car arrives at the A.V. Fairgrounds for service and re-seeding, Walk through the "pits" and watch the crews.
11:30 AM Auto Show Awards and prizes presented in Lilac Pavilion at the A.V. Fairgrounds.
12:10 PM Super Special Stage II - Top rally teams race side-by-side on the specially designed Super Special Stage in front of the 7,500 seat grandstands.
5:00 PM First car arrives at the A.V. Fairgrounds for service and re-seeding.
5:40 PM Super Special Stage III Presented by Autosport Engineering.
8:40 PM First car arrives for the Final Service Stop at the A.V. Fairgrounds. Service crews strip their cars for battle as they prepare for the rally's final challenge.
9:10 PM Super Special Stage IV - It all comes downs to this! One more time in the stadium.
10:30 PM The Subaru Champagne Victory Ceremony.
Watch the winners celebrate, meet the drivers.
10:30 PM Tri-tip BBQ hosted by Subaru of America.
11:30 PM Provisional Scores posted.

SUNDAY, May 8, 2005
8:00 - 9:30 AM Awards Breakfast at the Essex House Hotel ($15)..

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