Rim Grading Status Report (as of Sat, April 22):

We have now completed all of roads we will be using for RIM this year. See photos below. Thanks to Larry Price, general engineering contractor, for the use of the motor grader!

Grading the Rim Roads for Competitors – Meet Gil Robledo

For two decades Rim of the World has enjoyed the generosity of the Angeles National Forest’s Engineering Department, which has ensured that the Rim roads were among the first done during their spring maintenance. With near-catastrophic budget and personnel cuts in the past two years, those days are over. Their solution is to allow Rim to grade its own stages. Rim must hire one of their few approved contractors, as the Angeles roads have unique drainage dips (the infamous “waterbars”) that require unusual skill from the grader operator.

Fortunately Rim has been able to hire Gil Robledo, a retired Forest Service employee who developed near-legendary status as an Initial Attack Fire Dozer operator. “Gil could put that dozer down a hill that no one else would dare try,” says one colleague. Motor graders didn’t provide enough of a challenge for Gil, but flanking fires in a bulldozer and saving lives and property did, for twenty years. He admits that a fire rushing at you with the sound of a freight train “is the scariest thing in your life,” especially considering that thirty years ago dozers had open cabs, and nomex fire suits weren't standard equipment. Since he retired, Gil can’t resist various operating jobs – he’s just not the type to sit around. Fortunately for Rim, grading the rally stages was a fun extra project he was happy to take on!

A Rut to Fill on Liebre Mountain
Liebre Mountain after grading
Maxwell Road:
More Maxwell Rd:
Leona Ridge:
More Leona Ridge:
Del Sur Ridge:
Paula & Gil (our grader operator):
Messenger Flats:
More Messenger Flats: